“Naomi’s concept instantly captured our style and practicality. We did the construction ourselves, having her plan and instructions outlining materials, quantities and recommended suppliers was invaluable. It saved us both time and money. Three months on, our garden is growing beautifully. We love it.”

Katie and Brent wanted their front yard to look more welcoming, it didn’t reflect them or their beautiful home. After a consultation we did some plans that showed them what the new garden could look like and gave them all the information they needed to do it them selves.

Katie and Brent

Redland Bay

“It was like Naomi was applying Ormiston State School rules to our request for a Chappy Garden: Teamwork, Ownership, Participation and Sensitivity. Her amazing input has been sincerely appreciated.”

The Chaplaincy program is a vital part of Ormiston State School and Chappy Terry worked with us to turn an unused area into a vibrant hub for not only his work, but for all the teaches and teacher aids at the school. The concept was based on the well loved childrens book “I Grow In Grandma’s Garden”

Chappy Terry

Ormiston State School


Balance-Garden-Design-testimonial-Julie“We moved into our new home and the previous owners had ripped out a beautiful veggie patch and mature plants! Naomi worked with what was left, added fantastic new plants and the results were fantastic and still are.”
– Julie

Balance-Garden-Design-testimonial-Melanie” I live on acreage and Naomi’s expert advice on plantings that would attract more wildlife to our property was invaluable. Naomi’s passion for garden design is evident.”
– Melanie

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