At Balance Garden Design we make your life easier.

  • A professional service that brings your garden ideas to life. We will create a beautiful environment where you can relax and enjoy your garden from within it.

  • Our detailed scaled plans include ALL the information you need to create your own garden. Or we can coordinate it all… let us take the hassle out of it for you.

  • Above all else we want you to have plant success, so we use the right plants for the right place. After all it’s not really a garden without them. And don’t worry about maintenance, we keep that to a minimum.



We come to you, take a walk in your garden and look at how it can be improved. From design ideas, plant advice, maintenance issues or just to inspire, we will give you answers to all your question and make sure you have a goal to work towards.

FROM HERE: Depending on the scope of your project you might need a garden design or just a hand with implementing our advice.

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The first step in a great garden design is putting pencil to paper. Re-imaging the space and nut out the details, time spent designing will reduce unforeseen issues. Your design will show you what your garden will look like, how it will feel and how it will transform your outdoor room.

FROM HERE: Plans include ALL the information you need to build your garden. How much material, how many plants, order of works and how to maintain it in the future. You can either do it yourself or get us to oversee it for you.

Call Naomi on 0422196414 to inquire.


We work with a range of quality sub-contractor’s who we can coordinate to building your new garden. We oversee all the heavy lifting and grunt work for you. Fencing and flowers, decking and digging, pathways and pot plants, if it’s what you need we can make it happen.

FROM HERE: You just need to sit back relax and enjoy your new outdoor room and maybe get us back for some annual maintenance.

Call Naomi on 0422196414 to inquire.

What’s involved in having a garden designed?

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