Why should I have a garden design done?

Very few people would attempt to build a house without a set of plans. No one starts baking without reading a few recipes, and who in their right mind wouldn’t follow the instruction on an

Top 5 Hedging Plants for Brisbane

Hedging plants are one of the best ways to get privacy and screening in your garden. Stopping the neighbors peering in one of the main reasons we like hedges but they are also excellent at blocking

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About My Work

Naomi has more than 20 years of experience from graphic design through to garden design. In 2010 Naomi brought about a change in her design direction by completing a Diploma of Horticulture. After honing her skills she now focuses exclusively on garden design and horticultural consulting.

Naomi has designed gardens all over Brisbane from small courtyards to large acreage landscapes. Her designs focus on sustainability, longevity, affordability, and ease of maintenance. Design principals of balance, colour, texture, dimension, and scale are applied throughout all of Naomi’s designs.

Naomi’s industry edge is from hands-on experience that has led to practical and balanced methods which result in the outstanding aesthetics seen across all her work.

The decision to keep Balanced Garden Design small means that Naomi continues to deliver unparalleled personalised service to her clients. This also enables Naomi to work directly with a handful of trusted contractors ensuring that exceptional customer experience is achieved in conjunction with exceptional gardens.

Recent Works