What’s involved in having a garden designed?

Our job is to work with you to create a garden, which is aesthetically pleasing, technically successful, sustainable, and suits your lifestyle.


We focus on the small details and we look at enjoying your garden from within it. The process starts with a consultation on site to talk about what we can do. We come to each project with a fresh set of eyes and fresh perspective. We don’t see what you do and that allows us to see what is beyond the boundaries.

Every garden has the potential for many of different areas. There can be deck’s that faces east for the morning sun. A shady tree to hide from the midday heat. A relaxing seat where you can look back at the house. A water feature. And it wouldn’t be Queensland if there wasn’t a space to do a bit of entertaining – Tell us your dream garden and we can show you what it can look like.


From here it’s pencil to paper as we draw up your garden and explore how to make it happen. We look at the type of materials to use, choosing those that build on and enhance your garden’s overall character, as well as those that fit in with your existing pallet. But above all make sure we don’t blow the budget.

Finally we look at plants. Above all else we want to have plant success, so we need to have the right plants for the right place. After all it’s not really a garden without them. We draw on our horticultural skills and local knowledge to make sure you have a sustainable garden. One that looks as good in 10 years time as it did the day it was installed.


Once we’ve done the design we’re ready to show you. We give you a step by step guide of how your garden will look and feel and at any point you’re able to make changes and provide input.


  • Plan view of your garden showing all garden beds, hard surfaces, plants, and features like fences and existing trees and structures.
  • Overview of all the plants with photos and maintenance advice
  • Volumes of materials needed such as mulch, soil, length of retaining walls and number of plants needed.
  • Recommendations on how to address key issues specific to your garden such as soil improvement, creating new garden beds and weed removal.
  • Order of works so you know what to do and when. This is often the best advice we can give as it saves you a lot of time and a lot of money. But most of all it gives you the confidence.


Once you’re happy with the design you can do one of three things.

Create it yourself: Your plans include all the information you need to create your garden yourself. This is a great option if you love to garden or are on a tight budget.

Go half and half: There maybe some elements of your garden that you just can’t do yourself. That’s fine, you can get someone to do that or we can help coordinate the relevant trades for you.

Just make it happen: Let us do the running around and take the worry out of it for you. We can source quotes, coordinate trades and make sure your design in implemented perfectly and on budget. This is ideal for bigger projects and if you’re tight on time.

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