Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) is one of those plants that was hugely popular in the 1960’s and is making a come back as a popular house plant. Native to Mexico and Panama they like a warm climate but inside they do well everywhere.

It is the large glossy green leaves with interesting holes that make these such great indoor plants. They give a room a tropical feel and look great with any style of interior from contemporary to traditional. The advantage of the large leaves means they tend not to drop them so they are a tidy plant and do well in the shade.

It the garden when planted in the ground Monstera will look to grow up. They use their thick aerial roots to stick and climb and if left unchecked they can get a little out of hand. For this reason I would be reluctant to plant them in the ground.

These same roots appear when they are in pots but it is easy to train them down, so they go into the potting mix.

It is easy to care for these as potted indoor plants. Plant them in rich well draining potting mix and make sure they are kept moist all year round. In summer and spring spray their leaves with water once a week and feed them with slow release fertilise as per the products instructions. The leaves should always look shiny and be free from dust wipe them over with a damp cloth once a month.