Very few people would attempt to build a house without a set of plans. No one starts baking without reading a few recipes, and who in their right mind wouldn’t follow the instruction on an Ikea flat pack 🙂

My job is all about designing gardens for clients and guess what? I have done a design for my own garden. Why? Because it’s easier of course! Sure, I’m not short on ideas. My mind runs over with ideas on how to make this and that better or what plants to put here and there. And that’s exactly why I did a design. To help focus exactly what I was going to do.

I always tell clients getting someone else to design something for you, is so much easier than trying to do it yourself. It’s because we spend day in and day out thinking about improving our homes we become overwhelmed with ideas, and that can ultimately leads us to doing nothing at all.

When I did my own garden design I started by setting out some very clear parameters on what we did and didn’t want. In our last house we had a tropical garden with lots of exotics, but in our new garden we have more space so we wanted to grow things that we can eat, and plants that attract birds and bees. So it’s clear, we only have natives and edibles in our garden. As soon as we made that a requirement, selecting plants was easier because all we had to do was chose  the best edible or native for that part of the garden.

Naturally the design isn’t just about plants. It includes other landscaping features like the fire pit area, veggie gardens, the front fence, chicken coop, patio and even garden lighting.

The main reason I did a design was so my family could see my vision for what our garden could look like and they could have some input. (Really it was mainly so my husband could see what I wanted him to do when he had a spare weekend). It also allowed us all to make sure we had room and a place for all the things we wanted from our garden.

And that what makes a garden design so valuable.

It’s not just the here and now you are planning for. It’s the forever. I ask clients to tell me everything they’ve ever wanted in a garden. And the things in their garden they wish they didn’t have. And by mapping it all out on paper we can make sure it works.

But best of all, by having a garden design and a plan to work towards, you don’t have to do it all in one hit. You can do things as you can afford or as you have time to do yourself. And by working towards that end goal you know you’re not wasting any of your resources, like time and money.

Just because it’s in your garden design doesn’t mean it’s locked in stone. With all the best laid plans there are things that are unforeseen and need to be altered. But as long as the overall concept of what you want is there, you are better able to adapt as needed.

Here is what client have said when they’ve their garden designed.

“It was like Naomi saw what was in my mind and put it on paper to see. She captured exactly what we wanted and helped us bring it to life.”

“Doing the actual construction ourselves, having Naomi’s design and detailed instructions (outlining materials, quantities required and recommended suppliers) was invaluable. It saved us both time and money. It was reassuring to have Naomi’s expertise available to us every step of the process.”

“What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Naomi! It was so easy. The plan for our garden was available quickly and was everything we were trying to communicate and more. Naomi is a breath of fresh air, she just understood what we wanted and delivered.”

So what would you have in your dream garden? How would it feel? How would it improve your lifestyle?

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